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At doses up to 8 times higher than the ED 95 (median dose required for 95% inhibition of the reaction abductor muscles of the thumb in response to stimulation of the ulnar nerve), Nimbeks causes a dose-dependent release of histamine.

Tsisatrakuriuma besylate is associated with H- holinoretseptorami endings of motor nerves and acts as an antagonist of acetylcholine, causing the competitive blockade of neuromuscular conduction which can be quickly eliminated anticholinesterase agents such as neostigmine and edrophonium.

Tsisatrakuriya besylate decomposes in the body at physiological pH and body temperature (Hofmann elimination) to form laudanozina and monochetvertichnogo acrylate metabolite atlanta school of massage, which is hydrolyzed by the action of non-specific plasma esterases to form monochetvertichnogo alcohol. Metabolites tsisatrakuriya besylate output by the liver and kidneys, they do not have muscle relaxant properties.

No clinically significant winstrol results differences in the pharmacokinetics of tsisatrakuriya besylate in young and elderly patients is not, his plasma clearance does not change depending on the age. However, there is a slight increase in the distribution volume (+ 17%) and elimination half-life (4 min) of the drug in elderly patients.

Renal impairment No clinically significant differences in the pharmacokinetics of tsisatrakuriya besylate in patients with end-stage renal disease and in healthy volunteers was observed. Elimination of the drug is also not affected by renal failure.

Liver failure is clinically significant differences in the pharmacokinetics of tsisatrakuriya besylate in hepatic insufficiency and no healthy volunteers. However, in hepatic failure there is a slight difference in the volume of distribution (+ 21%) and clearance (+ 16%) tsisatrakuriya besylate, but the half-life and elimination of unchanged drug.

Pharmacokinetics after infusion, pharmacokinetics tsisatrakuriya besylate Nimbeksa after injection in the form of infusion or bolus identical. Besylate tsisatrakuriya average clearance is 6.9 ml / kg / min and the half-life of 28 min. Excretion of the drug is independent of the duration of infusion and is different from that of its bolus.

Pharmacokinetics in patients in intensive care units (ICU) Pharmacokinetics tsisatrakuriya winstrol results besylate in patients in the ICU, receiving it as a continuous infusion, is not different from that in a single bolus. Besylate tsisatrakuriya average clearance is 7.5 ml / kg / min, half-life is 27 minutes. Excretion of the drug after prolonged infusion administration does not depend on the duration of infusion. The concentration of the above metabolites in patients flat belly protocol in the ICU who have impaired renal function and / or liver. However, these metabolites have no effect on the neuromuscular blockade.


  • to maintain and mioplegii of tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation (ALV) during surgery;
  • for IV A in intensive care units (ICU).

CONTRAINDICATIONS Hypersensitivity to tsisatrakuriyu besylate, atracurium besylate, benzenesulfonic acid.

To apply caution in violation of the acid-base balance and electrolyte ballansa; carcinomatosis or neuromuscular disorders (including myasthenia gravis and myasthenic syndrome) or other conditions that can lead to prolonged neuromuscular blockade; burns; hemiparesis or paraparesis; pregnancy; lactation.




Tracheal Intubation. The recommended dose Nimbeksa for tracheal intubation in adults is 0.15 mg / kg, which is quickly administered for 5-10 seconds and provides optimal conditions for tracheal intubation within 120 seconds after injection.

With the introduction of higher doses of the drug neuromuscular blockade is faster. The table shows the average pharmacodynamic indices Nimbeksa when administered in doses ranging from OD to 0.4 mg / kg to healthy adult volunteers opioids winstrol results during anesthesia (sodium thiopental / fentanyl / midazolam) or propofol. Steroide online kaufen, vermodje erfahrung steroide kaufen online. arnold schwarzenegger as a bodybuilder melanotan 2 kaufen gynecomastia bodybuilder