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Reduces the effectiveness of levodopa buy winstrol in patients with Parkinson’s disease.
The mutual reinforcement of action when combined with psychotropic drugs, lithium, drugs, narcotic analgesics, general anesthetics, alcohol, muscle relaxants, antihistamines and sedatives, clonidine, barbiturates and anxiolytic-cal drugs (tranquilizers).
The effect is amplified and lengthened cimetidine, oral contraceptives estrogensoderjath (launch delay and extension perioda.poluvyvedeniya).
inhibitors of microsomal oxidation lengthen the half-life to increase the risk of toxic effects of the drug.
Inductors microsomal liver enzymes decrease the efficiency nitrazepama.
Narcotic analgesics increase the euphoria, leading to an increase in drug addiction.
Antihypertensive funds may increase the severity of blood pressure reduction.
On the background of the simultaneous appointment of clozapine may increase the respiratory depression.
It may increase the toxicity of zidovudine.
valproic acid, probably buy winstrol enhances the effect nitrazepama in children with epilepsy.

Specific guidance
requires particular caution when assigning nitrazepama with severe depression, t. To. The drug can be used for the implementation of suicidal intentions.
In the period of treatment should refrain from vehicles and Occupation of driving potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.
during treatment the patient is strictly prohibited alcohol.
Without specific instructions, should not be used for a long time.
If, before the start of treatment nitrazepama sick for a long time held the therapy with other drugs, the treatment begins with caution.
In renal / hepatic failure and long-term treatment is required picture control peripheral blood and “liver” enzymes.
The risk of drug dependence increases when using large doses, a significant duration of treatment in patients who previously abused alcohol or drugs.
Nitrazepam has primary potential addictive.
Even at a daily intake of it for a few weeks, there is a danger the development of physical and psychological dependence. This effect occurs not only when nitrazepama abuse, particularly high doses, but when it is used in usual therapeutic doses. Therefore, treatment should be continued to carry out only for health reasons, after carefully weighing the benefit of therapy with the risk of addiction to the drug, and depending on it.
Remove the drug should be made gradually to avoid the syndrome of “cancellation”.
If you have patients with such unusual reactions such as aggression, agitation, fear, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, increased muscle cramps, difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, treatment nitrazepama should be discontinued.
If, despite the fact that the drug is contraindicated during pregnancy, it is often used – may develop physical dependence (syndrome of “cancellation”) the newborn.
Using just before birth buy winstrol or during labor may cause neonatal respiratory depression, decreased muscle tone, decreased blood pressure, hypothermia, and a weak act of sucking ( “sluggish baby syndrome”).
in young children, there is increased production of mucus and sputum in airways, so you should take steps to ensure airway patency good (given the dampening effect of the drug)

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